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Divine Sounds provide high quality DJ equipment that is music industry standard. This includes top of the range lighting, sound system, CDJ players, turntables, mixing consoles and a professional DJ booth.  For every event our DJ team will be with qualified friendly engineers who will help deliver, set up and pack away any DJ equipment and lighting used at your events!

HK LUCAS ALPHA – Plug’n’Play Sound system

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Mapperly Farm Wedding Marquee

Divine Sounds HK LUCAS ALPHA Soundsystems are suitable for 10 up to 500 plus guests!  Divine Sounds has numerous HK Lucas Alpha Soundsystems so we can easily accommodate events with large numbers of guests ranging from 1000 plus.  HK Lucas Alpha helps you to get the sound you‘re seeking. Offering the advantage of being a self-contained system with all components such as controllers, crossovers, power amps, and speakers on board, it puts great sound within fast, easy reach. The all-in-one design enabled our engineers to tweak levels, tone, and response to fine-tune the entire system rather than individual components. This saves you time and spares your nerves before every gig. Simply plug in, play, and enjoy stunning sound!

The subwoofer weighs in with 1,200 watts, and the two satellites factor 400 watts each into the sonic equation. With the power amps delivering a whopping 2,000 watts performance, this rig wields the sonic clout it takes to pump out massive low end and throw mid-range and high frequencies great distances at sound pressure levels over 130 dB!

HK LUCAS SMART – Mandap & Ceremony Sound system & Microphones

Divine Sounds provide the perfect sound system and radio microphones within the Mandap and Civil Ceremony to amplify the voice of the maraj, priest, or host of your Asian Wedding and Event so that all of your guests can hear every part of the ceremony as it commences.  We use this sound system to play the Guests arrival music, Bride Entry, Bride and Groom Exit and Signing of the Register music.

Clients often ask us “So, where did you hide the speakers?” Divine Sounds the owners of LUCAS SMART have grown accustomed to questions like this posed by incredulous listeners. Never before has such a powerful sound come in such a petite package.  It’s the perfect sound system for Mandaps and Civil Ceremonies, with it’s discreet size but possesses brilliant sound quality so all your guests can interact and hear what is going on at your event!


Divine Sounds use Technics Turntables, Pioneer DJM 800 DJ Mixer, Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MK 3 for our primary DJ equipment set up.  Technics and Pioneer use the high quality components, ensuring the highest level of sonic purity available.  Divine Sounds are proud users of Technics and Pioneer DJ equipment in our set up, and all this equipment is music industry standard. We also use digital technology such as Traktor Native Instruments which has opened doors for use to easily access any genre and style of music to play instantly though a laptop controlled by our CDJ’s and Turntables.


Divine Sounds provides a high range of lighting to meet your requirements.  We can provide you with:  LED cannons , moodlighting, uplighting, disco lighting / moving heads  to create a wonderful colourful atmosphere for your event.  We can also provide you with Star Cloths in various different sizes.  If you would like Star Cloth behind the DJ Booth or to light up the whole of your head table, we can happily install Star Cloth at your event!

Multicultural Wedding Reception in a Papakaka Sperry Tent


Divine Sounds can provide staging for your events upon request.  Our staging is suitable for indoor and outside use.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about our staging units and our dedicated team would be more than happy to help you with your inquiries.


If you wish to have a karoke party, visuals, films, or memorable footage to be played at your event, this can be arranged for you!

For visual ideas you could play Bollywood films, beautiful imagery of your choice or homemade films of your family and friends messages at your events.  Divine Sounds engineers will happily control and play your visuals at the time you desire at your event.

We have a variety of different sized projection screens ranging from 6′, 8′, 10′ 12′ 14′ foot screens and we use high definition back projectors.  We choose to use high definition back projectors so that the equipment is hidden behind the projection screen and all you will see is your chosen visuals and no equipment!


Festoons, Smoke machine hire, Bubble machine hire, Confetti bombs, LED screens, Live Weblinks, Projection Mapping

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